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10 Fitness Tips for Beginners to Get In Shape

10 Fitness Tips for Beginners, fitness tips, thefitverse

Great! you chose fitness and want yourself to be fit and get your body in shape. If you are looking for some effective fitness tips for beginners then let me first tell you the most important thing, many people start their journey to get fit and have a healthy lifestyle but not many people keep up to the goals and give up.

But why?

Because the road to fitness is not a cup of tea that anyone could come and drink. One has to work hard with all their dedication and patience only then the fitness can be achieved.

To achieve anything in life one has to work hard, each day, every day so that they can get what they desire. Let us imagine there is a businessman named John and he loves Lamborghini and wants to have one in his garage. So, what will he do? He will work day and night, with all the dedication and the extreme desire to get the steering of that Lamborghini in his own hands. But, rather he kept on dreaming for the car and did nothing. So, he failed to get the car and have to settle with a bulky Toyota instead.

What did we learn from this short story, that to achieve anything one must put the required effort, only then you will be able to get what you want. Having a great fitness and health is no less than owning a Lamborghini and thus, one must work very hard to achieve the same.

These 10 Fitness Tips for beginners are the basics that will train you for the next level of fitness training that we will talk about in another article. So, here are the 10 Fitness Tips for beginners to start your fitness journey.

1. Set a Goal and Start

10 Fitness Tips for Beginners, fitness tips, thefitverse

The first and one of the most important fitness tips for beginners is to set a goal. The goal could be anything from losing weight, gaining weight, building muscle or to stay fit and healthy. Anything the goal be, the only motive is to become fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Once you are determined, stick to your goal and set a target. The target could be anything such as, to gain 5 kilograms in 4 weeks, or to lose 8 kilograms in 6 weeks. Now everything you have to do is work, work and work hard until the target is achieved.

2. Exercise Daily

10 Fitness Tips for Beginners, fitness tips, thefitverse

It is highly recommended to do exercise daily for at least an hour. Exercising not only makes you active but also increases the endurance of your body. Various types of exercises can be performed according to your needs. Though, if you are just starting up then basic exercises such as jogging, swimming, skipping, push-ups, pull-ups, plank, etc. should be done. Prepare yourself a chart of the basic exercises and set the duration of each exercise in such a way that all the exercises could be completed between 1 – 11/2 hours.

3. Eat the Right Diet

10 Fitness Tips for Beginners, fitness tips, thefitverse

Many beginners and fitness enthusiasts often fail to achieve their goals due to not getting the proper diet. Imagine you want to put on some weight or you want to shed some extra weight then you will have your diet planned accordingly. But, many beginners go to the gym, do all sorts of physical training exercises but when it comes to diet, they ignore it and keep eating what they have been eating before. To achieve your fitness goals you must eat a balanced diet with sufficient proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fibers so that your body could get the required nutrients needed for muscle building and maintaining a fit body.

4. Limit Alcohol and Junk Food

10 Fitness Tips for Beginners, fitness tips, thefitverse

Who would not like to have a glass of wine with tacos, at least I do. The thing is fast foods and alcohol are the two things that will kill you, not instantly but slowly. Though having alcohol occasionally with family or friends is not bad either and the same thing goes for fast foods. One must know the limits and should consume these foods only when you have no other option. According to various research, having alcohol twice a month is good for health and heart. Whereas, having a cheat day once in a while every 3 or 4 weeks is not a crime in the fitness world either.

5. Keep a Check on your Weight

10 Fitness Tips for Beginners, fitness tips, thefitverse

Now that you are determined to get fit and healthy and are working hard to achieve your fitness goals, great! The next step is to check if all the hard work is worth it and how much progress you have made so far. One way to check the progress is by checking your weight. If your goal was to lose/gain weight then check if all the hard work you did so far is working or not. By 3 weeks your body would start showing results and you could monitor your weight to have an exact number that you are required to lose or gain.

6. Have Sweet Dreams

10 Fitness Tips for Beginners, fitness tips, thefitverse

One only dreams when he or she is in a deep sleep. And, sleeping is another exercise that is required by the body to function properly. Having a good sleep makes the whole day feel great and enjoyable. No tiredness, no fatigue only freshness all day. Sleeping provides your body and muscles the time to rest and repair itself from the exercise you did in the morning or evening. Proper sleep of 6 to 8 hours is very important for the body and the mind to function properly for the rest of the day.

7. Get Set Cardio

10 Fitness Tips for Beginners, fitness tips, thefitverse

Cardio is not necessarily running on your treadmill like crazy and doing all sorts of other intense activities. But a proper and planned cardio session should be done, enough to make you satisfied and sweaty. It is a better option to jog in the parks or on the streets rather than using the treadmill inside the gym or at your home. Jogging outside in the open not only increases the oxygen intake but also makes you feel good to be surrounded by nature, trees and open sky. Cycling, Sprinting, Circuit training are some easy to perform cardio exercises that you can perform in the open.

8. Check the Calories

10 Fitness Tips for Beginners, fitness tips, thefitverse

Calories play an important role if your goals are to gain or lose your body. Each food item is comprised of calories. Avocado, Baked beans, and cheese are some of the high-calorie foods that have a calorie value of above 100. Whereas, apples, carrots, broccoli are the foods with the lowest calorie. Now, it depends upon your goals whether you want to gain or lose weight. Eating a high-calorie diet will make sure your body is getting enough calories to burn during the exercise and the rest to build the muscles. On the other hand, if you want to lose some weight then plan your diet accordingly and take only the calories required in addition to properly physical exercise.

9. Manage Your Time

10 Fitness Tips for Beginners, fitness tips, thefitverse

No matter how busy you are, you need to manage everything up. Make a daily routine including your timings for work, exercise, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sleep. Having a proper routine will not only keep your body prepared for the work during that time but will also keep your mindset accordingly. Always remember to have your breakfast before 8:00 AM, your lunch before 3:00 PM and your dinner before 9:00 PM. And, always have some lite snacks in between those major meals.

10. Hydrate Yourself

10 Fitness Tips for Beginners, fitness tips, thefitverse

Hydration of the body is as important as any other point on the list. You must keep yourself hydrated by drinking the required amount of water each day. Increased physical activity requires you to intake more water than your daily requirement. This is because intense physical activities cause the body to sweat a lot resulting in the loss of water from the body. Thus, to avoid yourself from getting dehydrated you must drink around 2-3 liters of water or 10-15 cups of water each day.


These were the 10 Fitness Tips for Beginners that are not much difficult to follow if you desire great fitness. Not only beginners, anyone who wants to make themselves fit and healthy could implement all the above times in their daily life for a change, a good one.

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